What to Say to a Porcupine

The new book and training program that will have you

laughing all the way to great service!

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What do a demanding colony of porcupines, a pack of restaurateur hyenas, and a famous medieval knight have in common? They are all characters in Rich Gallagher’s customer service universe, in his hilarious and enlightening new book What to Say to a Porcupine and its companion training program.


While great service is a serious undertaking, it can also be a lot of fun - and so is learning how to do it. Read these 20 fables and see if you spot people you know, situations you’ve encountered, and even your own reflection. Then use the practical wisdom imparted by a bona fide customer service expert (not to mention a master storyteller) to help you create your own legendary brand of exceptional service!

Customer service is serious business.


Which explains the whoopee cushion on page 4.


And even though the clowns behind that prank found out in short order that there is a time and place for their antics (and that it’s likely not during the first meeting with a prospective client), there’s no reason we can’t enjoy a laugh while learning from their mistakes.


Clowns. Dogs. Bears. Hyenas. And a Greek chorus (?!?). What does this cast of characters have to do with your business? Well, some may be your clients, colleagues … or maybe even you.


In the age-old tradition of illustrating foibles through fables, Rich Gallagher reveals the essence of great customer service through twenty short, entertaining tales. What to Say to a Porcupine covers every aspect of exceptional service, from basics like listening and making a good impression to excelling when your best laid plans go south. You’ll learn the key to motivating your staff (hint: it’s about them, not you) and why undercommitting is best. You’ll also see prime examples of going the extra mile, getting inside your customers’ heads, how what goes around sometimes comes around, and much more!


Each fable is followed not only by the traditional moral, but also by discussion questions to help you apply its wisdom to customer service in your own workplace. And our companion training program will help you spread its success secrets across your entire team—while everyone has fun!


Download a free sample chapter! Click here. (PDF, 51 KB)